Choral Singing

Since the winter semester 2004/05, choral singing has been an optional subject. Participants will be credited with the designated hours once during the course of their studies! 


New singers are very welcome!

In 1968, the then cultural officer Rudolf Streicher formed a student male choir, consisting of members of all Leoben corporations and student associations, as well as other students who enjoyed singing, with the aim of producing a student song record. This was the beginning of a 40-year choir history.


40 years may seem infinitesimally small, but a student choir always has to accept the fact that its members leave their university town after a few active years, and a new generation of singers has to be found. The choir now enjoys its seventh generation of singers who, like the first generation, have made it their goal to cultivate student and mining songs at the University of Leoben and to pass them on to future generations.


For the young mining students, the choir offers the opportunity to get to know mining customs and a community in which student society is upheld, but where studies are not neglected. When the choir was founded, it was exclusively male students who studied mining, metallurgy or petroleum. However, with the introduction of new fields of study, female students have also found access to the University of Leoben, and so choral ladies now also support the university choir.

The choir gave many concerts and sang at festive occasions. With the recording of long-playing records and CDs, the university choir has set important milestones in its history!