E-Tandem French - German

Self-directed, informal and individual language learning

Together with the Language Centre of Université de Lorraine, our partner university from the EURECA network, we offer an e-tandem for language learning (French – German).

How does an e-tandem work?

You meet regularly online with your partner and support each other in language learning.  The two language partners are autonomous: together you determine the rhythm and time of your meetings, the content and topics and decide how to provide feedback to each other.

To participate in the French e-tandem we recommend French skills from at least A2.

Here you can self-assess your language skills:




  • Find time for regular meetings (1-2 times per week or 1-2 times per month)
  • Commit to a minimum of 6 meetings
  • Share the time equally between languages during the meetings (50% French and 50% German or your other native language)


How to get started?

The Language Ressource Centre of Université de Lorraine will pair you with a language partner.

If you wish to receive a certificate of participation, you have to write a learning log about your learning in the e-tandem. Here you can find some tips for the learning log and language learning: Je commence par quoi ? | Environnement et Dispositifs Ouverts pour l apprentissage des langues (univ-lorraine.fr)


Participation in the e-tandem is free of charge.