Jennifer Fink

E-Mail: jennifer.fink(at)unileoben.ac.at

I came to Austria in 1991 to complete my German studies at the University of Graz, with the intention of returning to New York to find a job and apply my newly-acquired German skills. Years later, I’m still here, with extensive ESL teaching experience under my belt. What is my approach? Benjamin Franklin said it best:  “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I (may) remember. Involve me and I learn.”

Leonore Peer

E-Mail: leonore.peer(at)unileoben.ac.at

In modern academic and professional life, we are expected to engage in international discourse and suceed in various situations. As a teacher, I attempt to act as a facilitator and thus enhace the students' language in context and create meaningful learning situations which enable the students to use their aquired knowledge in real life. I try to help my students build upon their prior knowledge and develop the skills they are going to need at university or in their workplace.
Language learning occurs in a social context; learning in a group is very effective and can be great fun!

Mathew Rayment

E-Mail: mathew-paul.rayment(at)unileoben.ac.at

Having studied Business and Finance and then Law, I worked for a leading EFL school in London for 16 years before starting my own Teacher Training company. Travelling the world, meeting different cultures, and falling in love with Graz brought me to Austria and to teaching English.

 At heart I am a people person, and as a Teacher I get to not only meet the widest range of fascinating people, but, through language training, improve their ability to communicate, exchange ideas, and to connect with an alternative perspective.

Norbert Berger

E-Mail: norbert.berger(at)unileoben.ac.at

My main interest is to support students in developing their personalities and skills to maximise their potentials. We can all cope with errors and learn from them: I am here to help. My current role here is to teach courses during the induction stage at Montanuniversität Leoben – and I’m loving it.



Martina Reisinger

E-Mail: martina.reisinger(at)unileoben.ac.at

Toutes les langues sont belles pour ceux qui les parlent. (Jean-Marie Adiaffi)

Awakening joy and interest in foreign languages and motivating people to "keep at it" - this is what I see as my main task as a teacher. Successful communication in a professional and private environment should always be an inspiring goal and challenge.

Sorprenderse, extrañarse, es comenzar a entender. (José Ortega y Gasset)


Inmaculada Ucles-Cordoba

E-Mail: inmaculada.ucles-cordoba(at)unileoben.ac.at

What I want to offer to my students is learning the Spanish language in a purposeful and authentic way and getting to know the beauty of the language as well as the great, interesting and enormous diversity of Spain and Latin America.

¡Vamos a la aventura!

Francisco Uclés Sánchez

E-Mail: francisco.ucles-sanchez(at)unileoben.ac.at

As a person with a lot of passion for teaching, I think that every moment of teaching should be perceived as a unique and unrepeatable experience. How can we achieve this? By trying to surprise our learners. I believe that nowadays a foreign language teacher has no excuses to teach badly: In the classroom, we have everything we need to do what Confucius (551 - 479 BC) said long ago:
"Tell me and I forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.”

Having a wonderful family I enjoy spending time with them, at home, doing the little things. When I have time for my hobbies, I read or build airplane models although I spend much more time repairing than flying.

German as a foreign language

Angela Krauhs

E-Mail: angela.krauhs(at)unileoben.ac.at

In my teaching, the focus is on developing communication skills with variety of creative teaching methods. Action-oriented learning enables students to use the language competently in authentic everyday situations. The frequent opportunities for using the newly acquired language skills in the German-speaking environment motivate students to quickly apply what they have already learned and to engage more intensively with the foreign language and its culture.

Ingrid Unterhauser

E-Mail: ingrid.unterhauser(at)unileoben.ac.at

My name is Ingrid Unterhauser and I have been teaching German as a foreign language for twelve years. It is important to me to respond to the needs of the participants in the course and that is why I put a lot of emphasis on speaking and oral communication. The lessons are communicative, learner-centred, varied and also fun!

I am very much looking forward to the coming semester!


Markus Oberländer


My name is Markus Oberländer and my great passion is to help students develop their linguistic potential and to shape and support the educational path of young people. That's why I became a teacher and why I have been teaching in a school for more than 10 years in addition to my university teaching.

Philosophy and Ethics

Markus Josef Plöbst

Rhetoric and Presentation

Norbert Berger

My main interest is to support students in developing their personalities and skills to maximise their potentials. We can all cope with errors and learn from them: I am here to help. My current role here is to teach courses during the induction stage at Montanuniversität Leoben – and I’m loving it.

E-Mail: norbert.berger(at)unileoben.ac.at

Sigrid Maxl-Studler

E-Mail: sigrid.maxl-studler(at)unileoben.ac.at

Personal growth, meaningful activities and fun in doing are my companions when it comes to teaching work. I look forward not only to teaching content, but also to discovering hidden potential together and learning from each other.

Katrin Zechner


Austrian State Prize Winner for Adult Education
Doctorate at the Karl-Franzens Universität Graz (with honours)
Independent trainer on the topics: Leadership skills, self-management, motivation and goal work, agile project management, rhetoric and communication, team and personality development. Author, Entrepreneur and business manager.



Norbert Berger

Barbara Tolliner

E-Mail: barbara.tolliner(at)unileoben.ac.at

I empower students and help them to utilise their potential and their time in a targeted manner in order to study with motivation and success.
With my knowledge and experience, I provide support in an encouraging, clear and structured way.

My motto:
"You can do more than you think. You are more than you live."