Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When do the courses start?
    All courses (except blocked courses) start in the first week of the summer term (beginning on 04.03.2024).
  2. Do the courses start s.t. or c.t.?
    All courses start s.t., which means exactly at the specified time.
  3. Is attendance mandatory in the courses?
    Yes, since the courses are “integrated courses”, attendance is mandatory.
  4. Can I get ECTS for the courses?
    All courses can be credited as electives.
  5. Do I need prior knowledge to attend a language course?
    All language courses (except English) start at beginner level. English courses start at level B1. If you already have skills, please select your level. We will be happy to help you find your courses.


  6. Can I take the courses for credit as an elective subject?
    All courses can be credited as elective subjects.
  7. What language certificates are available and how can I obtain them?
    Courses are offered to prepare for the following internationally recognized certificates: TOEFL & IELTS, BEC-Vantage (B2 Business English), DELE - Spanish (level A1 – C1).
    The certificate examinations are taken at the relevant institutions outside the University of Leoben. Detailed information regarding registration deadline, examination fee and examination dates can be obtained from the lecturers in the courses.
  8. Who is allowed to participate in the courses?
    All students and staff of the University of Leoben as well as students of other universities in Austria are allowed to participate.
  9. How can I register for the courses?
    You can register for the courses on MuOnline.
  10. How much do the courses cost?
    The price of the courses depends on the ECTS points to be achieved. Courses with 4 ECTS points cost € 50, with 3 ECTS points € 45, with 2 ECTS points € 35, with 1 ECTS point € 35 and with 0.53 ECTS points € 25.
  11. How do I pay for the course?
    Payment for the course can be made by bank transfer to the following account:
    Bank account: Steiermärkische Sparkasse
    Recipient: ZSBK University of Leoben
    IBAN: AT61 2081 5000 4126 9531

    Please indicate the 6-digit course number and your matriculation number as purpose of payment.
  12. What happens if I do not pay the course fee in time?
    If you do not pay the course fee in time, you will be re-registered on the waiting list and your place will be given to another student.
  13. When can I register?
    Registration is possible from 08.01.2024 on MuOnline.
  14. Can I also pay in cash in person?
    Cash payment of the course fee is only possible by prior appointment.
  15. Do I have to pay for the course immediately?
    Please transfer the course fee by 04.03.2024. After that, your place will be given to someone else.
  16. How many participants are required for a course to take place?
    A course takes place with at least 10 participants. "Philosophy & Ethics" starts with min. 14 participants.
  17. What is the maximum number of participants?
    A maximum of 20 participants can take part in courses and a maximum of 20 participants in seminars.
  18. Where can I get information about the time and place of the course?
    Information on the start of the course and the venue can be found on MuOnline.
  19. Do I have to take an exam at the end of the semester?
    In our language courses, we have continuous assessment. To successfully complete the course, you must meet the course requirements (e.g. attendance, homework, final exam etc.) which you can find on MuOnline. Your instructor will explain the details in the course.
  20. I am on the waiting list. Should I still transfer the course fee?
    Please only transfer the course fee if you have a fixed place.
  21. I have registered for a course and now do not want to take part. Can I still cancel my registration?
    You can deregister from a course or transfer to another course until 15.03.2024 without giving reasons. After this deadline, you can deregister only in exceptional cases (confirmed serious illness, accident, etc.).
  22. I am a university employee, how can I register?
    If you are a university employee, please register at our office by calling 03842-402/6410 or by emailing