We offer....

  • The opportunity for students to become part of a great orchestra while studying.
  • Credit as a free elective
  • Rehearsals twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday)
  • we play everything: from marching music to rock, from oldies to pop, from miners' songs to symphonic 'brass band' music.






University Wind Orchestra

Summer & Winter Term

Course number:  641.300 Winter Term, 641.301 Summer Term

Hours: 3 per week

Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Place: Rehearsal room of the Bergkapelle Seegraben, Lierwaldgasse 2, 8700 Leoben


Teacher: Gloria Ammerer


Entry requirements: Students who play an orchestral wind or percussion instrument.

Short description/history
The Bergkapelle Seegraben, founded in 1856, is the oldest music band in the city of Leoben. Until the closure of the shiny coal mine in 1964, it functioned as the works band of the Alpine-Montangesellschaft. As an independent music association, our brass band has established itself as a musical ambassador for the city of Leoben and in particular for the University of Leoben. In addition to the traditional brass music, which has its place in the annual course of public and church life, particular emphasis is placed on the development of symphonic brass music literature. Due to the close cooperation with the Music and Art School Leoben, the possibility of further training on one's own instrument is also a quality feature of our orchestra.
The University Wind Orchestra offers all students who want to be musically active in addition to their "everyday studies" a platform for active participation in the association.